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Tourists May Be Required To Seek Visas

You may need more than just a passport when you step off the plane on a trip out of the country. Many countries require tourists to have tourist visas before entering the country for vacation travel. Just like passports, tourist visas are often required identifying documentation for international travelers. There are exceptions to this requirement in many countries and some may not require them at all. It all really depends on each individual country's restrictions. It's important to plan ahead and obtain all the information, forms and documentation you need if you want to have a successful and enjoyable trip.

A passport isn't your ticket to international travel. Tourist visas are a requirement in a great many countries as a way of deterring illegal immigration and other illegal activities. While a passport is a requirement, along with your ticket, to get you on a plane, a tourist visa is usually required to get you out of the airport when you arrive. Officials in many countries check for these important documents and won't let you step outside of the airport without them. Some countries issue tourist visas at the airport depending on the country of your origin and some don’t require people from certain countries to carry them at all thanks to agreed upon exemptions between countries.

Tourist Visas May Require Advanced Applications

Tourist visas, when they are required, may require the submission of many forms and proof documents as well as processing fees. Each country's requirements are different and it's important to get visas for each country you are considering as a stopover. You'll also want to make sure the length of time you're allowed to stay under a tourist visa. Most countries differ in the length of stay allowed by a visa. The stay may be as short as 14 days or as long as a month or more. You may be able to get an extension of your visa in some cases, but that is not guaranteed.

In some cases, neighboring countries don't require tourist visas to be issued in order to cross over their borders, even if a passport is required. There are many exceptions and exemptions so you should do your research to determine what holds true for you. U.S. citizens and citizens of many other countries may be exempt even when traveling overseas. You can find out about visa requirements through numerous official government resources to make sure that your trip is as safe, pleasant and worry-free as possible.

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